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Our Mission

What We Stand For

PlayHappy Café is an upscale, innovative family and community focused gathering place for little ones and their favorite grown-ups. Located just off the crossroads of the I-5 and 405 freeways and a short drive from Seattle, Everett and Bellevue, it’s an ideal place for a playdate with your friends or to make new ones! Our 8,500 square foot space includes: ​​​

Our Facilities

We Are Providing an Environment for Our Students to Grow & Excel

  • ​​​​​A large, imaginative play space designed for little ones 0-6

  • A separate area for infants & crawlers

  • A café serving delicious food & beverages with free Wi-Fi

  • Fabulously decorated birthday party rooms

  • Morning and Afternoon preschool classes

  • Enrichment classes

Our Vision

Mission Statement​

PlayHappy Café provides a fun, friendly, healthy, clean and safe “third place” for families with children 0-6 years old to enjoy time together and connect with others in their community. Our aim is to:

Cater to the child and the parent. Fun and enriching for the child. Relaxing and comfortable for the parent.
Create an environment for children that promotes imaginative play, learning and socialization.

PlayHappy Café’s Beliefs/Values

  • We believe in children, family, education, health, well-being, good food, strong coffee and most importantly, fun and happiness!

  • We believe that kids AND grown-ups could use a place to gather, connect, play, eat, grow, learn, celebrate, relax and be nourished.

  • We believe it’s important for families to have a safe, clean, healthy, comfortable, happy and nurturing place to hang out… and in the rainy months the place should also be dry, warm and cheerful.

  • We believe that kids are important and how they spend their first several years counts a lot for who they become.

  • We believe that play is important.

    That kids

    playing together and learning how to get along happily is good for everyone.

  • We believe that parents and caretakers are important and doing a tough but rewarding job. That they need a break once in a while. That they need to connect with others who “get them” and know what they’re going through.

  • We believe in working hard and having fun. In treating others with kindness and respect.


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