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1- Children must be supervised by an adult caretaker AT ALL TIMES.

2- All children must have a signed WAIVER on file at our front reception desk. PlayHappy Café will not be held liable for any personal damages or injures arising from participation with our play area and activities.

​3- PlayHappy Cafe is a Washington State licensed Food Establishment and therefore DOES NOT permit outside food or drinks within our premises INCLUDING SNACKS.

          . Per WA State health code 3-201.11 Compliance with Food Law:

1-Food shall be obtained from sources that comply with law.

2-Food prepared in a private home may not be used or offered for human consumption in a Food Establishment.

. Exceptions are packaged pureed baby food, formula and water in your own personal container/sippy cup.

. We are a café that serves a variety of delicious food and beverages including items for babies and toddlers.

. This is also for the safety of children with food allergies.

. WE STRIVE TO BE A NUT FREE FACILITY. However, we cannot guarantee a nut free environment.  You are solely responsible for monitoring your               child and the food around him or her.

4- NO sick children. Please get well soon and come back when you’re feeling better!  We have adopted a modified version of Dr. Bill Sears’ recommendations on when to keep children home, with additional information from the Washington State Department of Health’s policy on when to keep children home.  In general, if your child has nasal secretions but they are clear and watery, and your child is happy and playful, pain free, and has no temperature, there is no need to exclude your child from playing at PlayHappy Cafe. However, please do not visit if she/he exhibits any of the following symptoms:

. a fever of 100 degrees or more within the last 24 hours.

          . nasal secretions that are thick, yellow or green, especially if accompanied by a fever, an earache, frequent night waking, or a peaked look — in mother jargon, a sick-looking-face.

          . a cough accompanied by fever, chills, and coughing up of mucus.

          . vomiting or diarrhea within the last 24 hours.

          . a rash (especially with fever and itching).

          . eye discharge or conjunctivitis (pink eye).

          . open or oozing sores.

          . lice or scabies.

​5- ​Please use provided hand sanitizers before entering play area and thoroughly wash hands after eating and every restroom visit. Not only will this help avoid the spread of germs and keep our play area clean, but doing so will also help protect our friends with allergies from unintended exposure.


6- Diapers must ONLY be changed in our diaper changing area located right outside our main restrooms.

​7- Please keep the following OUT of our main play area: food, shoes, personal toys and any small objects that can be a choking hazard for babies or toddlers. Also no strollers… please leave them in the stroller parking area near our front entrance or cafe seating area. Thanks for helping us keep our play area clean and safe!

​8- We ask everyone, including adults, to wear socks in the main play area to help us keep it clean. We’ll have socks for sale for $1.50 at the cafe counter for​ anyone who forgets.

​9- Drinks with lids are allowed in the play area but please be careful not to spill on the carpet or on children!

​10- Adult guests are allowed in the play area ONLY if accompanied by a child.

​11- As our play area is specifically designed for little ones 0-6 years old, children 7 and older are not allowed to play in main play area. This is for the safety of smaller children. Older children may play quietly (ie. read, do homework, play games, etc.) in the café seating area. Ask the reception desk for books, magazines, art supplies or board games to borrow.

12- NO rough play, no bullying , please share and play nice. This is for grown-ups as well!=)

13- ​NO unreserved celebrations or party foods allowed in cafe area, i.e. cake, candles, gifts and favors. All party celebrations must occur in our reserved party rooms or by booking the entire facility.

14- PlayHappy Cafe is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

15- PlayHappy Café reserves the right to refuse service to anyone that does not abide by our rules. These rules are for the safety and health of all the children who play here including yours. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

​Have fun!!



  • Place all your bags and belongings up and out of reach of small hands. Large cubbies are located near the north entrance of the play area.
  • Wear shoes that are easy to take off/put on so you can easily go from the play area (shoe-free zone) to the café and vice versa.


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