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Our private preschool in Lynnwood educates and empowers your little ones through safe and fun hands-on activities. We’ll help your kids prepare for school and life. Come visit us today for more inquiries.
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Our preschool at PlayHappy Café are filled with fun, laughter and “messy” hands-on activities! We want kids to just be kids and simply have fun while learning. PlayHappy Preschool is an extension of our regular preschool program. Our play-based preschool fosters self-esteem, builds confidence, teaches respect and encourages children to take risks to empower their learning. Our Preschools are an opportunity for children, 3 to 5 years of age, to experience and explore different fun filled themed days.


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We believe that it takes a village to raise a child, so our program considers the entire community a part of our family. We help you with your little one’s holistic formation.

The Value of Preschool Education
Preschool education is all about child development. It encompasses a wide range of significant factors, including brain power, cognitive development, creative expression, language and literacy, physical wellness, and social and emotional wellbeing. The right preschool integrates these aspects into one curriculum.

The PlayHappy Cafe preschool program has a play-based curriculum for children ages 2 to 5 years old. We create a safe space for your little ones to play and hone their decision making skills. Our goal is to help your kids develop social and emotional skills by way of play.

Choosing the Right Preschool 
You are in for a new adventure the moment your little one learns how to walk, talk, run, and have fun. They want to learn how things work. They ask you why things are the way they are. They will constantly find ways to get out of their comfort zone to experience and explore the bigger world around them.
Meet their needs and nourish their learning by choosing the right preschool program.

Our private preschool understands that purposeful play is one of the most effective techniques for early education. From creating artwork to conducting science experiments, we carefully design activities that are equally enjoyable and informative for your kids. Visit us in Lynwood, WA or call us today to learn more about our approach to education. 

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Preschool Q&A

Our Instructor

Ms. Megan who has been with Rainbow Learning Academy for many years will continue as our Director and Lead teacher of our preschool here in Lynnwood.

Class Structure

Rainbow Learning Academy is a year round preschool in Lynnwood. Classes will be available for ages 2 to 5 years old. Currently, classes are half day and will transition to full day preschool in the Fall. The full day preschool curriculum will be changing as we make this adjustment to all day classes.

Our preschool classes have a play based curriculum. We aim to create a space where children can discover and explore. We have many hands on activities that get students involved in play and decision making. One of our main goals for our preschool is to help students develop social and emotional skills through play.

Learning Environment

Our learning room is colorful and bright and is almost 800 square feet. There will be two 20 min. breaks for play time where students will have access to our 2,000 sq. ft. main play area. The play area contains many spaces to imagine such as a fire station and a play stage with dress up clothes. A bounce house and ball pit are also among the many toys offered in the play area. 

Meals and Snacks

Each day will also include three breaks for snack and lunch. Our café is available to purchase snacks and lunch or you may bring your own from home.  Please remember we are a nut free facility at our Lynnwood preschool!

Kids with Special Needs

Our preschool is all inclusive, meaning we accept all children, even those who have varying special needs. No child will be turned away.

We are in partnership with Kindering, an organization who provides teachers for children with special needs. Rainbow Learning Academy is made for each child and parent to feel included and accepted.

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What Our Families are Saying

“PlayHappy Preschool got my child ready for school.
She is thriving thanks to them.”

“My daughter loved this school. She still asks to go see Ms. Meghan.”

“I love that my little one can say hello to me during recess, and I can get my coffee and a few hours of work in.”